I am

 Dear ginormous world of the blog-0-sphere,
I would first and foremost like to apologize for my neglect. I fought you off like a clingy boyfriend and avoided you like the plague, BUT I AM READY TO EMBRACE YOU!   No longer will I watch videos, stumble! or come to you to get my fix of blogs.  I am sorry and I will not become an absent and negligent blogfriend no more! 

Sincerly yours,

For many months I was having a psychological battle about actually posting entries. I would  unintentionally losing myself in videos after videos, websites after websites; all so i could avoid being accountable. Since graduation, I never really had any sort accountability for creating new work, or trying to launch my career in the design world. I just thought **POOF** like magic I would get an internship. When that did not happen after applying to countless studios,  I got scared, made a conscience decision to run and retreat in the world of EXPRESS.

After a prolong period of dwelling and throwing a mental pity party, I no longer want to hide and only accept the circumstances I am in. I need to create the change and bring the opportunities to me so that I can dominate the creative world.

 So hear me roar...I AM DESIGNER!


  1. ohh brandon you are so inspirational. first with the fashion post, now with this. we have very similar life experiences and i totally know how you feel. i'm glad you've found your way and it'll be fun going down this road together .. no homo :) anyway, ive been thinking of blogging and never had the balls to do it, but you've convinced me! i am an official follower :)

  2. thanks cambam! you are so awesome, once you start blogging, ima start following! i cant wait to read =]