little monsters


omg this is the cutest video ever! this baby is so adorable and reminds me of  my little monsters who I got the chance to see grow from babies to kiddies. I miss them so dearly and are one(well two) reason why I miss the bay.

 As much as i dont miss all the crying and the tantrums, i miss their cute little smiles and their big personalities.  Besides  the bed that i would pass out on after a long day of work and having 8 hrs of class and lab, coming home to emily and jon were the highlights of my day. To see how excited they were to play with me and find out who emily played with on the playground; I would not trade for the world. It's been a year  since i moved away and it still feels weird not seeing them and my aunt and uncle who i lived with during my stay in the bay,  such amazing people!  i feel so thankful to them for having  me be apart of this juncture in their lives. I hope i can see them all soon and hear who's emilys new best friend and her adventures in the playground and jons' new favorite toy!

til next time luv-rs,