Sneak Peak & vegas

This past week and especially this weekend has been crazy and hectic but wonderful.  I wanted to give you guys a little sneak peak to my sisters grad party. Im still compiling the pictures so all will be up soon =]

Also this weekend I went to vegas and it was nice to just get away. We stayed at the Vdara hotel & spa, which was quite magnificent except for 2 things. 1. we waited for almost 3 hrs for our room to be ready. The nice front desk lady did give us a comp of $50 for it not being ready when I had checked in, but after the 2nd hr, i just wanted to get in my room and relax. Maybe they're under staffed or had some delays, but it was way to long to wait for the room.  2. the pull out bed was not comfy. the support bar kept poking me in the back haha Other then that the king bed was super comfy, and the room was spacious and quite beautiful! and we had 2 bathrooms! yes TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that def helped out when people handled their business lol  i wish i took pictures of the room we stayed at but i'll get them from someone, somehow. haha

Til next time. bye luv-rs =]



vintagely modern

Sorry  I have been M.I.A, I have been pre-occupied with work and trying to get my sister graduation party.  So here is a sneak peak of what R.S.V.P. LA (Tiffany Kuo & me)  has been up to plannin this party =]

dont mind the christmas tablecloth =]

More pictures to come soon!


You are Invited...

I really wish I knew some print studios around in LA, but the ladies who helped me at kinkos and staples we're very patient and sweet!

After a long & arduous hr trying to get the prints right, I'm almost done assembling my sisters invitations and RSVP.  I'm surprisingly happy with it. There are details I would def fixed or changed but im satisfied with the overall look and feel. The sheer ribbon was just to test and see how it would look all together, so just imagine it as white =]

now off to design my sisters graduation party! pictures to come soon =]